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Sandlot Vision

The Sandlot vision is to teach us the A, B, C's of life... Academics, Baseball, and Character.
Our specialized instructional program goes beyond just the physical training on the field. We emphasize heart, attitude and mental preparation. Our goal is to instill a life-long learning system for both mind and body. 
The Sandlot training approach is based on the five physical tools that major league baseball scouts look for when evaluating players. Those five physical tools are:

* Running: speed and base running abilities

* Fielding: softness of hands, exchange from glove to throwing hand

* Throwing: arm strength and accuracy

* Hitting for average: situational hitting

* Power hitting: abilities to drive the ball

The sixth and maybe the most important area a scout evaluates is referred to in the industry as “makeup”. This in essence is the character of the player; the player’s overall attitude, dedication, level of respect and self confidence. Many times the sixth tool, the player’s mental aspect, determines if the player makes the team, earns the scholarship, or is offered the professional contract. This sixth element is the core of The Sandlot Baseball & Softball Academies training and how we differentiate ourselves from the competition.