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Baseball Tours

Dec. 25th 2015-Jan. 5th 2016




The U14's/U16's International Christmas Tournament

& The Open Age Nulla Nulla Classic

Under 14’s and under 16’s teams invited to Take a 10-day trip to Sydney Australia! 

-play in a 6-day tournament against local Australian, Japanese, and Chinese Sydney based teams from the elite NSW Junior Baseball Association. Hosted by the Cronulla Sutherland Junior Baseball Association. (6 game guarantee)

Inviting players 16 and up to play in the open age International Nulla Nulla Classic held in Cronulla Australia!

-play in a 5-day tourney against teams from the Sydney Major League (New South Wales premiere adult baseball league). Hosted by the Cronulla Sutherland Baseball Club. (5 game guarantee)

During the trip participants will experience the Sydney Toranga Zoo, and have the option to spend New Years Eve in the city to watch the world famous Sydney Harbour Fireworks.

In the heart of Sydney's South, Cronulla Beach sits 30 minutes away from the city center, in the beautiful Sutherland Shire. Cronulla is Sydney’s longest stretch of sand and is the only beach in Sydney accessible by train. The Sutherland Shire is home to the Royal National Park. Established in 1879 it is Australia's first national park and the world's second oldest national park - after Yellowstone in the USA. 


G'Day Mate!


2015 will mark the 12th High Country International Tour, started and founded in 1995 by Tad Powers. Tad brought teams of players ages 10 and up eleven straight years down to Sydney Australia, hosting the International Christmas Tournament and Nulla Nulla Classic!

The experience interconnected two different baseball cultures from across the world, the community of Cronulla in Sydney's Sutherland Shire and Sandlot Tours are excited to bring the experience back! 

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity for your player to participate in international baseball and the cultural experience of a lifetime! 

December 25th- Depart USA out of LAX

December 26th- Lost in flight

December 27th- Arrive in Sydney: airport pickup takes to check-in Rydges Hotel Cronulla Beach, Breakfast & Dinner Served, Team Practice @ Tonkin Oval 

December 28th- Trip to ZOO, breakfast @ Rydges, Group Dinner

December 29th- Tournaments Begin @ Bonnet Bay & Tonkin Oval: host family pick-up after the games.

December 30th- Tournament @ Bonnet Bay & Tonkin Oval

December 31st- Tournament @ Bonnet Bay & Tonkin Oval, (2013 Sydney Harbour- firework show in City)

January 1st- New Years Day: Optional Sydney Harbour Cruise, Paddys Markets, Day in Sydney City. 

January 2nd- Tournament @ Bonnet Bay & Tonkin Oval

January 3rd- Tournament @ Bonnet Bay & Tonkin Oval

January 4th- Tournament @ Bonnet Bay & Tonkin Oval, Kids return from Host Families to Rydges Hotel, Dinner @ Rydges.

January 5th- Depart AUS around 12pm,  Breakfast @ Hotel

Player Packages

Rydges Cronulla Beach

U14's & U16's Teams (Ages12-15)  & Open Age Teams (Ages 16+) 

  (Per Player)


Round Trip plane ticket to Sydney Australia from LAX:  30 % savings @ $1,700 group rate (Compare Rates)

3 Nights Stay in Rydges Cronulla Beach: 20% savings @ $229.00 a/night group rate 
6 Nights stay with a billeted host family: 50% savings, 5 less room nights in hotel
6 Group Meals (3 breakfasts, 3 dinners)
Meal Money $20 a/day for 10 days
Trip to Toranga Zoo
Uniforms (1 jerseys, pants, hat, polo, bag)
Tournament Fee

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Rydges Cronulla Beach

Team Packages

U14's & U16's Teams (Ages12-15)  & Open Age Teams (Ages 16+) 

*Wear your own teams Uniforms and gear

($3,300 per player, includes one coaches trip paid)

13 Round Trip plane tickets to Sydney Australia from LAX

3 Nights Stay in Rydges Cronulla Beach
6 Nights stay with a billeted host family
6 Group Meals (3 breakfasts, 3 dinners)
Meal Money
Trip to Toranga Zoo
Tournament Fee



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Parents & Family Packages

$4,000Per Person for Own Room

Sydney Harbour

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Round Trip plane ticket to Sydney Australia from LAX

9 Nights Stay in Rydges Cronulla Beach

$3,000Per Person to Share Room

Cronulla Beach

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Round Trip plane ticket to Sydney Australia from LAX

9 Nights Stay in Rydges Cronulla Beach (split between another parent)


$5,750for a Couple 
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2 Round Trip plane tickets to Sydney Australia from LAX

9 Nights Stay in Rydges Cronulla Beach

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​The Cricket-6 Package- $10,000
​   -Logo on the back jersey of every participant in the group, group t-shirt, team banner sign, website, team booklet
Grand-Slam Package- $5,000
   -Logo on the jersey sleeve of every participant in the group, Team banner sign, website, team booklet
Home-Run Package- $1,000

​   -Logo on group t-shirt, team banner sign, website, team booklet
Triple Package- $500

   -Logo on Team banner sign, website, team booklet
Double Package- $300

   -Logo on website, team booklet
Single Package- $100

   -Logo in team booklet

​Sponsorship donates 50% to the kids player package cost & 50% to High Country Sandlot Foundation



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Australia 2015  Terms and Conditions     (303)815-4293
As per State law and for your protection, all of your trip payments are placed in the HIGH COUNTRY SANDLOT FOUNDATION Client Trust Account at

Wells Fargo Bank.  HIGH COUNTRY SANDLOT FOUNDATION, LTD Account #9875848237
Obligations of SANDLOT TOURS, H.C.S.F.:
is a "tour organizer" and as such, acts as your agent in organizing transportation, lodging and other matters for your tour. While H.C.S.F. contracts on your behalf with those people or companies it feels will provide you with the best service for the price being paid, H.C.S.F. has no control or responsibility for the service actually provided.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: As stated above, H.C.S.F. is merely a tour organizer who contracts on your behalf with transportation companies and places of lodging, all of which are totally independent of H.C.S.F., Therefore, I and all persons claiming through me (including my parents, in the event I am a minor) waive all right to claim damages against, and release from all liability, H.C.S.F., and its owners, employees, directors and tour guides for any damages, liabilities, causes of action suits, injuries, costs or expenses (including but not limited to legal and medical fees) arising out of any tour or trip, except where the same occurs due to the negligence or willful misconduct of H.C.S.F., or that of its employees. Specifically included in this waiver as well as any inconvenience suffered and expenses incurred as a result of any cancelled or delayed transportation. Further, I (or my parents, in the event I am a minor) assume all risks inherent with travel to and from, and within Australia. This waiver, release and assumption is made with full knowledge of California Civil Code Section 1542.

DANGEROUS OR ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES: Any participant on a tour who participates in any illegal, dangerous, hazardous or detrimental activity forfeits his or her tour privileges without any right to any refund and, at the sole discretion of SANDLOT TOURS, may either be turned over to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction or, if financial arrangements have been made to the satisfaction of H.C.S.F., returned to the city of departure via the most convenient method of transportation available. The tour participant, or if the tour participant is a minor, his or her parents, hereby indemnify and hold H.C.S.F. harmless from any and all costs expended (including legal fees) with respect to the subject matter of this paragraph.  H.C.S.F. does NOT provide services similar to a chaperon or babysitter. In most cases the participants are within one month away from going off to college without a babysitter when attending this tour. They are expected to act as a mature young adult when travelling away from home and in a foreign country. H.C.S.F. cannot prevent any use or misuse of alcohol and or drugs by the participant. Parents should decide if their college bound young adults are mature and responsible enough to travel to Australia without a babysitter. Parents must also take on the responsibility of educating their young adults regarding safety, proper behavior in planes, trains, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and public areas regarding alcohol, drugs sex, violence, petty theft, etc., etc.

PURCHASE OF AIR TRANSPORTATION: You have the option to purchase your own airfare or have SANDLOT TOURS purchase it on your behalf. Space is limited and the participants air ticket will NOT be purchased unless we have received a minimum payment of $2,000.00 by September 1, 2015.
If you decide on having SANDLOT TOURS purchase your airfare, you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions of H.C.S.F. and the airlines by completing the trip application and mailing in the initial payment of $2,000.00 A total payment of $2,000.00 must be received in H.C.S.F. office by September 1, 2015 The air seats are limited and if our “low fare” seats/tickets are sold out prior to SANDLOT TOURS receiving your application and payment, you will be notified of any change in airfare, taxes or fuel charges and you will have the option to cancel or pay the increase in price so that the participant can travel with the group. Please note that the “low fare” airline seats/tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE by the airlines and H.C.S.F. cannot provide any refunds on air seats since the airlines have the full payment/money, NOT H.C.S.F., The seats can be changed with the airlines by paying a change fee of a minimum of $250.00 plus any change in fare and seat class. H.C.S.F. has no control over the airline policies. We strongly suggest that you check all of your family vacation dates and school dates for class finals, graduation, summer school, sport programs, college orientations, etc. before mailing in your application and payment.

CANCELLATION POLICY: In arranging a tour on your behalf, H.C.S.F. performs many various services and incurs various expenses, administrative costs on your behalf. H.C.S.F. has already paid NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS in advance for airline seats, places of lodging and bus reservations. Since it is extremely difficult and impractical to ascertain the precise cost of each service performed and each expense incurred by H.C.S.F. for each participant on an individual basis, you (or your parents, if you are a minor) AGREE FULLY WITHOUT DISPUTE to pay the following to H.C.S.F. as liquidated damages in the event of cancellation FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER (including but not limited to cancellations for medical, financial, disciplinary, sport team, school schedules or family emergencies).


Cancelation Policy:

High Country Sandlot Foundation
1900 Park Newport, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Once your air tickets are purchased by SANDLOT TOURS on your behalf, $2,000.00 is NON-REFUNDABLE by the airlines and NON-REFUNDABLE by HIGH COUNTRY SANDLOT FOUNDATION/ SANDLOT TOURS.

By signing SANDLOT TOURS Terms and Conditions and mailing in your first payment of $2,000.00 you agree to the following cancellation policy.
Cancellations must be made in writing and delivered by mail via U.S. Post Office.

High Country Sandlot Foundation 1900 Park Newport, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Money pre-paid to SANDLOT TOURS for airline tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.
The airline tickets we purchase on your behalf are NON-REFUNDABLE!
All cancellations received prior to September 1, 2015 – Full refund less a $25.00 processing fee.
All cancellations received after September 1, 2015 are NON-REFUNDABLE.

FORCE MAJEURE: In the event of any delays, strikes, labor disputes, fires, riots, wars, rebellions, terrorist acts or threats, weather, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond the control of SANDLOT TOURS which causes the cancellation of the entire proposed trip, SANDLOT TOURS will refund 50% the entire trip price to the participant, unless any nonrefundable service or other charges incurred by SANDLOT TOURS including airfare, uniforms, hotels, buses. If forces beyond SANDLOT TOURS reasonable control, i.e., storms, road closures, transport strikes, etc., causes the trip to be extended, the participant must pay all extra costs associated with such trip extension, i.e., extra lodging, transportation and meals, or must reimburse SANDLOT TOURS for any such increased expenditures made on the participant's behalf. SANDLOT TOURS does NOT include luggage or baggage handling, bellhop or skycap services. SANDLOT TOURS is NOT responsible or liable for lost, damaged, misplaced or stolen articles or personal property. You are responsible for your assigned accommodations and for the common spaces you use (including buses & planes). If damage occurs to your assigned accommodations or where you bear responsibility, whether it be done by you, your roommates or outsiders, you (or your parents, if you are a minor) are financially responsible and liable to pay directly to the owners or managers of such properties.
SANDLOT TOURS is NOT responsible for lost luggage, tickets or documents. SANDLOT TOURS has NO responsibility to or for me when I am absent from SANDLOT TOURS organized activities, such as visits to friends or relatives, optional activities and when anyone leaves the group without notification of tour leaders.
SANDLOT TOURS reserves the right to make changes in tour itineraries and departure dates, and to modify lodging arrangements, transportation arrangements, including the use of substitute airlines. 
By paying the initial payment of $2,000.00 for this trip with cash, money order, or check payment, I am (or my parents, if I am a minor) accepting and agree to all the Terms and Conditions stated above.

I (or my parents, if I am a minor) UNDERSTAND and AGREE to all the Terms and Conditions stated above.

High Country Sandlot Foundation
1900 Park Newport, Newport Beach, CA 92660